Design and build to measure durable internal transportation systems

Torfs Engineering & Machine construction is the expert in internal transportation systems, especially but not only for the food- and pharmaceutical industry.
Torfs delivers food- and non-food industries the professional links for their production chain.
Value description of the Torfs Partnership:
Torfs focuses on producers in the food-, pharmaceutical and other industries.
These companies need total solutions or partial systems for internal transportation during the production, processing, packing and goods treatment.
For these companies Torfs is a reliable producer of high-quality internal transportation systems.
Torfs offers them a large variety of conveyers and related transport and buffer components for internal transportation.
Other competitors lose themselves in costs and conventional solutions.
Torfs makes the difference because:
- We take great care in understanding completely the customer’s problem(s)
- We create and develop innovative transport solutions
- We built and install on a basis of well-considered use of durable materials, components and concepts that are in line with the highest standards of hygiene, safety and ergonomics.