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  • Elevator belt with picking-up

  • In-line take over

  • Combination with PU/PVC and modular conveyors

  • Box transport with Super-grip

  • Knife take over (multifunctional usable with adjustable line up system)

  • Pneumatically conveyor pressure and steering

  • Swan’s neck elevators

  • Conveyer with picking-up and flexible border

Modular conveyors

  • Modular conveyors in synthetic material beard to measure

  • Cross-over modular conveyors

  • For transit goods through the metal detector

  • Curves

  • Take over combination with PU/PVC conveyer

  • Input for the packing machine

Roll conveyors

  • Driven and non-driven Roll Conveyors

  • Box transport

  • Curves of 45° - 90° - 180° according to the customers needs

  • Square Take over with liftable chain

  • AC Pallet drive (light or heavy model)

  • Roll-buffer conveyor (RVS & PVC)

Wirenet conveyors

  • Wirenet conveyors in montage

  • Testing

  • Trickle down Wirenet

  • In a cooler

  • As take over conveyor

  • In production


Small constructions

When you are able to devise and produce complete transportation systems, you can also develop all possible accessories and small constructions yourself.

On the photographs below you can see a few small constructions Torfs has designed and realised for satisfied customers.


  • As buffer

  • With conduction in synthetic material

  • As set up (heavy model 20 l buckets)

  • As set up table to single fine

  • As packing table for bags

  • As packing table for boxes

  • As set up for flacons + single finer