A few examples of Spiral Transport, created by Intralox and Torfs:


  • How to cool prepared meals from 85° to 6° in only 2 hours (so in half of the cooling time!)?

  • How to overcome distances or level differences without interminable conveyers?

  • How to prevent extra costs by buffering the products on two sides if something should go wrong?


The answer to all these questions is … a Spintor Spiral Transport!


  • A Transport spiral for rising, cooling, freezing, moistening, resting or buffering for both food and non-food customers.

  • Space saving, almost without limits in dimensions for all your needs (Example: 500m of carpet, 36 muscles, 6m high)

  • Bi-directional for professional buffering

  • High-standard materials (RVS, Intralox modular conveyors, SEW) for reliability and safety

  • Unique driving system and open construction for great accessibility and better maintenance and safety

  • Easy to use for less mistakes and more productivity

  • Modular design for a quick delivery and installation… so less production stops during montage

  • Modular and flexible in width of the carpets, number of muscles, heights, diameters for solutions to measure and completely to your wishes.


Evidence of our customer Tops Foods: Rudy Tops says: ‘With the Torfs Spintor we can cool down to 6° in less than 2 hours! On the Spintor we can concentrate more products on a smaller and better coolable area. That makes the Spintor Spiral crucial in our way of doing when it comes to quality, safety and capability of stocking the goods.

Configure your own Spintor