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The MICOBIO approach


The 7 steps:

Think along
Thinking along with the customer starts with listening to his dreams, ideas and wishes.

Years of experience are especially good for being able to innovate! All previous experiences allow Torfs to leave the beaten track and come up with new ideas, methods and techniques in internal transport.

To create
A picture paints a thousand words. With Jan Torfs there, during the briefing and brainstorming sessions, accurate sketches of what a solution will roughly look like immediately emerge.

With professional 3D drawings via the Inventor CAD package, Torfs takes the step from idea to reality. This concerns physics, electronics, knowledge of materials and the ability to describe exactly what and how you are going to build.

To build
Stainless steel, system components from top manufacturers, sophisticated construction procedures, strict adherence to production standards ... Torfs always builds a little better than necessary to more easily comply with international standards in the food sector for maximum reliability, continuity, hygiene, safety and ergonomics ( HACCP ).

to install
Building sustainable solutions is one thing. Making them fit into existing systems exactly within the constraints of space, environment, safety standards and time is another matter. In his approach to limitations, Torfs shows himself to be the master!

To maintain
When the productivity of your customers depends on reliable and fast service, that service becomes an indispensable part of the solution itself. Based on the requirements of the technical file and to guarantee continuous 'up-time', Torfs negotiates a preventive maintenance plan with its customers. These are probably exactly the reasons why Torfs customers are so satisfied!

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